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Algbra X is a registered charity in England & Wales with UK Charity No. 1197329.


We are deeply committed to achieving our mission. This is made possible through the alliances we create among communities, organisations and individuals to foster a fairer & more equitable society.

Chai Mama

Chai Mama was established to enable opportunities for women & young mothers across the UK to speak openly about finance, improve their financial wellbeing & benefit from the experience of finance professionals.

Sign up for one of our Chai Mama events, enjoy complimentary tea & chai, & join us on the journey to a balanced and empowered society.

Ramadan Lights

Bringing the light of Ramadan to the streets of London. An annual celebration for, and of, the community.

Ramadan is a time for charity and generosity. Help us bring its beauty to the world.


The Collaborative Women's Sports Association welcomes women from all walks of life & background to enjoy sports from football, to basketball to boxing. Women often face obstacles in sport - physical, financial, & social - & the CWSA aims to eliminate them.

In the summer of 2021, we supported a London-wide women's football tournament - the only one of its kind - & brought together women & girls in what became a community fun day with football matches playing out fiercely on the pitch, & friendships being built off it. We're excited to be part of an initiative that empowers women to enjoy sports & form a community around them!

Learn more about CWSA & how to get involved by following them on Instagram

Cycle Sisters

Cycle Sisters is a movement in its own right, enabling Muslim women to take their place on the roads of London without compromising their lifestyle or beliefs. With groups across the city, Cycle Sisters have pedalled from Tower Hamlets to Hounslow & Croydon, & are eager to keep expanding, supporting women all over the city.

Offering a safe & inclusive space for Muslim women to exercise, a warm network of supportive sisters, & promoting both personal independence & a more sustainable lifestyle are just some of the ways they've impacted their 800+ members.

Patchwork Foundation

The Patchwork Foundation is built upon the beliefs that young people have a defining role in our societies. It seeks to encourage & support the participation of young people from disadvantaged communities in British democracy & civil society.

Its flagship Masterclass Programme has been carefully curated to provide young people with a cohesive & well-rounded experience: developing their professional & personal skills, allowing them to learn first-hand from the country's foremost politicians, & facilitating a network of similarly driven peers.

We're proud to support an organisation & a programme that has been heralded as a powerful stepping stone into influential careers, & one which encourages the diversification of the British political landscape.