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Algbra X is a registered charity in England & Wales with UK Charity No. 1197329.


Our societies are only as good as the people that comprise them. They're only as good as the collaboration that builds them & the variety of voices that colour them. At the core of our work is the belief that all people from all backgrounds are entitled to having their voices heard loud & clear.

Algbra X seeks to rebalance the inequalities underrepresented communities face due to an imbalance of opportunities, investment & privilege.
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We create alliances among communities, organisations and individuals to foster a fairer & more equitable society.



All individuals & communities share the same rights & are deserving of equal opportunities, respect, & dignity.


We have the courage to take risks and to be outspoken on the issues we care about & the drive to innovate & move with the times.


We embody the thoughts & experiences of the communities that we serve.